Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 6: Aguascalientes to Zacatecas

(Today's pictures provided by the local roadside photographers on the route...)

La Bufa 2.jpg

We were so happy to be starting the day - considering that the day before there were many moments of "we're done."

Today's velocity sections would include the famed "La Bufa" - another stretch of dangerous mountain roads. We were assured that the GT3 would LOVE La Bufa. It did.

The landscape was amazing from up on that mountain. The route was a fun combination of long straights and slight turns to hard turns and crests. This route also went through a town or two - so "keep on main road" was interesting when you're driving fast and have a second to make a decision.

Also, in the route book today, the mysterious word "gael" appeared (in quotes) during velocity sections. As in "Right 4, 'gael' ". Assuming we would not be seeing random Scottish people along the route, the American co-pilotos took that word as a misspelling of "gravel". Just to be safe. There was no gravel, so the whole thing is still a mystery.

La Bufa.jpg

My other complaint about the route book on Day 6, was that the directions nearing the service stop were confusing. We did not see the red flag waving us in, so we passed it, happened to see the exact same signs as were in the route book, and got lost.

You really don't want to get lost in Mexico. Once off the route book, we were completely confused and very angry at each other, the road, the truck behind us, and Mexico in general. Somehow, we managed to find our way back to the service stop.

There were no roadside photogs at the service stop, so I hope you'll permit me another illustration of what happened next.

illustration 5

I'll narrate:

"Sweetie - you are an awesome driver and husband, and I love you very very much. None of our problems thus far have been your fault. When you drive very fast while I am working with a route book whose mileage doesn't match our odometer - you are being very smart and safe! Don't worry about the road signs being in Spanish, even though I can't read Spanish. At those speeds, I can't read ANY signs anyway. It's fun that you respond to my requests to slow down by only going faster. You just have fun and drive as fast as you possibly can! So far, that hasn't caused any problems like a blistered tire, bent wheel, flat tire, or us getting lost. It's an adventure and I am happy to be in the car with you!"

Many relationships are put to the test on this event. I am happy to say that we have been together for so long that we are really able to get over stuff like this quickly. Blowing off some steam isn't a big deal. Besides, other than the few hiccups, Emil's driving was impeccable.

zacatecas arrival.jpg

The arrival into Zacatecas was my favorite because the town is gorgeous. I want to go back sometime to explore it more.

Beautiful Cathedral (Day 6 - Zacatecas)

This was the night of October 31st. My favorite day of the whole year. I was excited to be in Mexico on the "Day of the Dead" - but it seems that the town was more interested in having a party for us than have the usual Day of the Dead festivities. (They celebrate for a few days anyway.) We did see a couple of kids in costumes.

Me and Vampire Child (Day 6 - Zacatecas)

Getting to our hotel was a challenge. The streets in Zacatecas are tiny and often one-way (it reminded us of Italy.) Finally, I took the luggage to walk to the hotel and Emil brought the car back to the square where the arrival arch was. A party was going to begin soon, so I only had time to change out of my suit and put on a headband. That seemed like plenty of time for Emil to imbibe a hefty serving of tequila...

Next post...Tequila Donkey Walk in Zacatecas.


Gary Faules said...


Yes it was a blast wasn't it! I really enjoyed meeting the both of you as well and one of my fondest memories was the day we were parked next to you guys in front of the Emporio Hotel in the beautiful setting in Zacatecas. That day Jon and I were relaxed and had lots of time to chat with Emil and what a fine gentleman he is.

I had to laugh... One day I was following you guys in a transit section while you were behind a Federally. I told Jon we would just hang with you guys for a while and he said, "Are you nuts? That's a GT3. That car lives for this stuff." Then I said just watch as I pull up behind them. But when I came over the next rise all I could see was you guys disappearing over the next rise which was so far away I needed binoculars to see who the hell it was! LOL.

A Toast... Here's to beautiful cars, beautiful women and the La Carrera Panamericana, may they capture our hearts for an eternity.

Gary Faules #367

Gary Faules said...

PS: I just remembered, at the end of the final day as we were parked in the streets of Nuevo Laredo, I told Bret I had something special I wanted him to use as an award for you guys when you took the podium. I opened up my trunk and reached into the toolbox and hande it to him and we both laughed. It was a can of "Fix-A-Flat."

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