Monday, September 17, 2007


After a brief vacation, a trip to the Frankfurt Autoshow, and some Ferrari driving last weekend, we're back on the La Carrera trail. Today, I bring you some photos of the GT3 undergoing its fortification.

The mad genius behind this installation is none other than Chris Musante of Musante Motorsports fame. We're lucky to have him working on the car and, frankly he's provided much in the way of engineering and fabrication support. Looking at these welds, it's clear that these guys have done this at least twice before! Obviously, this cage is no joke, and I think that once it's in not only will it be the safest GT3 on the road, it'll be the best looking!


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That cage is great, do you have any shots of the final set up? We don't do anything like that to our exotic car rentals at mph club in miami.

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