Monday, August 27, 2007

Yes, That's Me!

Can you see me in there? Not only am I working on my driving, I'm working on my Spanish at the same time. :-)


Unknown said...

Como Esta.
Yep, no question about it. That's you in that helmet. Where's your copilot?

Key Spanish Phrases:
¿dónde estoy?
¿dónde el infierno es yo?
¿Usted sabe la manera al jose del san?
ningún tequila, gracias
ella es sí linda, pero ésta es mi esposa

Anonymous said...

Good question Clyde. (where's the copilot?) I never have any of the fun.

I don't know what your key spanish phrases mean in english, but I know esposa means wife. I hope you're not teaching him to say "It's my wife's fault I drove off that cliff."

Oh that reminds me - how do you say "Help, my husband drove off a cliff!" in Spanish?

Unknown said...

You must be THE STIG!!!