Monday, August 27, 2007

La Carrera Practice: Complete

Overnight, a cold front came through. There was rain. There was lightning. Lots of lightning. The temperature dropped about 20°... and that made Day 2 at The Glen MUCH more pleasant.

Uncle Bill was rather adamant about safety. The PCA runs really safe events, and today, for some reason, there was a VERY aggressive level of safety. Lots of cars got black flagged, mostly due to the comfort level of the corner workers.

I got a ride early in the morning with Ed and was really able to step up my game in the afternoon. With temperatures down, and overcast skies, pressure in my tires stabilized. Plus, picking up a few great tips from Ed in the morning during our ride around the circuit let me drop about 12 seconds off of my times. Consistently.

My old skill level returned, and I was pleased.

A few pictures from the day:

Heading to Turn 17.

Entering the front straight.


The brake zone... with traffic.

Of course, after all of that driving, the GT3 got a little dirty...

Thanks, Metro NY PCA. An event well done.

Next stop for the GT3: Mexico!

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