Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 1 at The Glen

One of the good things about Demetri, is that he HATES to be late. The track opens at 6:30am. It's 12 miles away. Demetri and Ed are in their trucks heading to the track by 5:45am.

"Sure guys, I'll get ice. You go get a good spot, ok?"

Suckers. I got an extra 5 minutes of sleep.

Saturday was a rough day. You already read how Ed fixed my seat, so I'll skip that part. The weather was hot and humid. Bright sun. Seriously hot and humid. I had a very hard time keeping pressures stable. I'd leave with pressures at 27/34 and I'd come back in with temperatures at 34/42. With 42psi in the rear tires, the car does not feel good. At all. (Obviously, right?)

So, Saturday was about taking it easy. I was following other 911s around, reclaiming my visible land marks. Watching how other drivers handled certain sections of the track. Not much brake work you could do at those temperatures, and without control of pressures, it was not very safe to push it. So, heeding the warnings of EVERYONE, I kept things calm.

It was a good day. But not a great day.

One other good thing about Demetri is that he hates it when it's hot out, so his trailer is air conditioned. We spent a LOT of time in that trailer. It made the day tolerable. At one point, Ed and I fell asleep on the chairs we had setup in the trailer. A 20 minute "power nap" kept us going that day...

Here's a picture of Demetri's 914, aka "The Atomic Creamsicle":

Here's a picture of Ed's 996, aka "Faster Than Demetri":

Day 2 report to follow...

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