Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting There…

…is NOT half the fun.

Demetri and Ed were supposed to meet me at the hotel Friday evening. They were all sorts of late, thanks to the Cross Bronx, so they crashed my lunch with Rory. Then we were off.

We hit traffic at the Delaware Water Gap, then at the 380 split, then where 380 turns in to 81, then somewhere on 17. Then the rain came. And that's an understatement. It was a torrential down pour. Constant "Emergency Broadcast System" messages. Lots of lightning... and I'm driving on Pilot SPort Cups. Not a good spot to be in. Thankfully, I have a rear fog light. :-p

All in all, it took about 5 hours to drive the 238 miles from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ to Horseheads, NY

At one point, we pulled off for a fuel stop. I came back from buying a water and there was a crowd of "kids" around the GT3. We didn't want to get back on the road because of the traffic, so we got some directions from the crowd of "kids". The dudes in the Sentra (pictured below) gave us a lead around the construction delay.
When we got to Horseheads, we had to make a quick stop while Ed looked for some trailer parts. We hit TSC and got a few things, including a photo of this HOT HOT HOT Mustang:

We grabbed dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse in Horseheads, NY... then retired to the Best Western. What do you want from me? Everything else was booked?

Next stop: Watkin's Glen International Raceway!

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