Monday, August 20, 2007

Spare Parts

When you run these kind of long distance driving events, you generally want to have some spares. It'd suck to do all this prep work, pay all the fees, ship the car... and then get knocked out after the first day due to equipment failure. Yeah, that'd suck.

It's not really that practical for us to bring massive amounts of spares and support staff, so we're gonna run with the bare minimums of what we think we'll need. Below, is what I'm thinking we'll take to keep the car up and running for the 7 day trek across Mexico.

Spares & Supplies
  • Spare front wheel and tire
  • Spare rear wheel and tire
  • 4x containers of ATE Super Blue Fluid
  • 4x Quarts Mobil1
  • Power Bleeder
  • Belt Set
  • Garmin nuvi 660 with Map of Mexico
  • Anything else reco'd by Thom...
Prep Work
  • Helmet Radios (Hardwired)
  • Rally Computer (Hardwired)
  • Completed Cage
  • Power Bleeder
  • Window Nets x2
  • Hood Pins
  • Roll Cage Camera Mount

Do you think we're missing any key items? Let us know in the comments...


Naveed Jamali said...


Here are my thoughts on what to bring:

Driver/Pax stuff
1- a first aid kit that includes:
bandages, calamine lotion, antibiotic cream, scissors, gauze, icepacks, pressure bandages, etc
2- baby wipes, lots of baby wipes!
3- some general otc meds, like aspirin, pepto, etc
4- an emergency supply of bottled water
5- energy bars

If packed well these should take minimal space.

As for car stuff:
1- low-profile and ultra-light jack
2- torque wrench with the appropriate socket for your lugs (it never hurts to make sure your wheels are at the correct torque settings).
3- a small air compressor powered by your cig lighter to add air to your tires.
4- a select tool kit with 1/4" and 1/2" wrenches, appropriate sockets (adapters and extensions), flathead and phillips screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, and a needle nose plier.
5- a few cans of fix-a-flat
6- radiator hose and tire patch kit
7- flares and lightsticks (just in case you feel the need to rave)
8- fire extinguisher

I wish you guys the best of luck and look forward to following your progress.


EmilGH said...

Thanks, Naveed! Great advice. I've got a bunch of this stuff already in my race bag, but way good advice on the radiator hose, patch kit, fix-a-flat and light sources.