Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 5: What's a Traffic Light?

It's been 5 days since we've been driving in Mexico. I have not stopped at a traffic light since we've been here. Like, not one. Every intersection has a very helpful police officer whose job it is to ensure that I'm not delayed. Well, not just me, but all of us La Carrera "correadors". Today, though, it just got silly. When we rolled in to Puebla (we hit nearly 300kph on the Autopista) we got pulled over and got a Police escort to the finishe line, thanks to my main man, General Julio.

Check it: (The cop giving the escort is having more fun than us. Watch as he gets airborne on the railroad tracks and almost plows in to a car 4:00 in...)

Sadly, the Chase Cam seems to have given up the ghost. But, I've got something up my sleeve for tomorrow if I cannot get it fixed.

In other news, do you know what a "tope" is? It's a Mexican speed bump and they are all up in this piece! Most of the small towns we roll through use them to control traffic because cops are not really around much, and who obeys traffic lights in the boonies?

Well, unfortunately for us, 1 of the 57 topes we traversed today snuck up on us so we hit it at about 20 mph. It knocked a small protective piece of plastic loose that we dragged with us for many, many, many, miles. It sounded much worse than it was. Thankfully "other Tom" was around to help us pull that piece out and put another piece back in place. We also did a full inspection of the suspension linkages and brakes.

Everything checked out A-ok.

Jacking up the GT3
Jacking up the GT3

That's a stiff chassis!

Left Side
Left Side: Proper Cover

Right Side
Right Side: Missing Cover

This Piece Fell Out
This Piece Fell Out

So We Put It Back In
So We Put It Back In
And by "We", I mean "Other Tom"

Header Scrape
Tom noticed this, too. Time for some Fabspeed upgrades!


pchop said...

throwing a few hundred bicycles and it's practically the streets of Shanghai...except replace the short chinese with short mexicans.

P.S. - i twisted my neck.

pchop said...

btw, did you almost rear-ended the "Eric Estrada"?

Steve said...

thats crazy emil glad to see you are ok.. and the car is good too.. cant wait to hear the fabspeed stuff... you must bring the car by !!!!!

Mile Perhour said...

That is an awesome video, if you ever want an exotic car rental check us out at mph club™. Its clear you know how to handle a vehicle.