Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thrill of the Road

I've learned much from Alex Roy in the last few months. Both as a friend and hero. I'll admit it, the guy has done something that I look up to in terms of adventure, freedom, and sheer determination.

Because of Alex, I've met JF. JF has been key in getting Team Polizei through some very hairy situations and since JF has nothing to do when he's not in school, working, still helping Team Polizei, and driving somewhere for no real reason, I figured I'd recruit his assistance, too.

Yep, helped with some of the prep work including the nuances of FMAD, but more importantly he's got blog access. In the event that I can't get to the Internets while here in the City of Lights (Mexico's Official Slogan) JF will be providing blog updates...

Thanks, JF. For everything. And I hope not to accidentally call you too often. Oh! And you can whip donuts in the RS4 whenever you want. :-)

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