Monday, October 15, 2007

GT3 Delivered at Buttonwillow

Me and GT3

That's me going "How the hell am I getting in this thing?" The cage is HUGE.

The GT3 was delivered to 7s Only Racing at Buttonwillow Racetrack. I went up to say hi to it. (and load it with a bunch of crap.)

Of course, I drove it around a bit to see how it is with the cage, seats, etc...I giggled the whole time. That car is so freaking fun. There is a long driveway into the racetrack with brand-new pavement - A great place to test out 0-60 times (or in my case, 0-110, but who's counting) and the brakes. Here is what happens when you floor the start out by smiling and saying "this is awesome!" then you hit 6000 rpms and the thing launches. That's when I started to giggle.

After some last minute additions (hood pins to be precise), it left this morning with 3 other La Carrera cars (no other Unlimited Class).

We get to Mexico a week from today. !!!! I am beyond excited at this point.

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eric said...

looks pretty awesome. ¡buena suerte!