Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Introduction

It is important that as we mature, we don't loose sight of what we are meant to achieve in our relatively short lifespan on this planet. Deep inside all of us, there is a little kid that is fighting to get out, to explore and conquer as much ground as possible. Emil and Keri have taken such an idea and run with it, or should I say driven with it?

The two are off in Mexico for the next 10 or so days, taking part in the most extreme road event the Americas have to offer: The 2007 Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana . Targa Newfoundland... extreme - Yes, but come on... it IS in Canada. I kid...

I started off my "career" in rally blogging two years ago, covering events such as the Bullrun and Gumball Rallies. Those times were fun and I learned quite a lot from them, but the reality is that such events will never be the same. So that leads me here.

In the coming days I will be providing any information which Emil and Keri are unable to post directly to the blog. I will be happy to relay any questions you may have for the two whenever they are out of contact. I want to keep this blog as active as possible; that requires an interaction between the bloggers and readers, so make sure you comment. I wish Emil, Keri and the GT3 the best of luck. My only problem as far as I'm aware is that the GT3 has yet to be named... Let’s hope that problem is resolved shortly.

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