Thursday, October 18, 2007

3 more days…

My countdown, btw, is until The Point of No Return. Otherwise known as "Flight #123 from Los Angeles to Mexico City".

Today's Tasks:

  • Kinkos - get 500 postcards printed. (check)

  • Sign Shop - get decals made of our names/blood types for our doors and helmets. (check)

  • Buy camelback, socks, and carabiners (check)

  • Random other personal details that need to be done before I can leave for 2 weeks. (in process)

Here is our campy Mexican postcard to give our to the children who line the race route:

LaC postcard

I say "campy" with much affection - I think it's perfect. (Thanks to Bret for designing it!)


kilnjoxmedia said...

good luck emil and kerry drive safe

Anonymous said...