Friday, October 19, 2007


Today is October 19th. The day after my cousin Ian's birthday. 6 months before I turn 34.

I just returned from my last meeting before heading to La Carrera. At 9:00pm on a rainy Friday in New York City. It's been a very hectic 3 weeks. Between projects that don't seem to end, strategic initiatives that can't seem to move forward, and some serious questions about what I want to do when I grow up... I've not had much time to focus. Frankly, the race has been nothing but a distraction for the last few weeks. As bills come in and chores pile up I keep asking myself if this is all worth it... aren't there better things to spend my time and money on?

I'm rushing home to pack, send off a few last-minute emails to friends and coworkers, review a few things that have not gotten the time they deserve, order something to eat and get to sleep. (Of course, I'm taking a 7:00am flight out of JFK on Saturday. Of course.)

So, the first thing I do is turn on the TV (Star Wars Episode 1 on TiVo), the radio (BBC Radio1 on Sirius) and hit FaceBook. I see that Bret has been busy posting photos to Facebook. And I'm glad he did.

Seeing that picture has refocused me on the excitement of the next few days. Racing. In Mexico. In one of the finest cars I've ever had the pleasure of driving. With the most important person in my life.


Anonymous said...


That makes my intended post for today seem rather silly.

I guess I'll publish my "I gots mah nayme on mah soot!" post tomorrow.


See you tomorrow morning!

Unknown said...

"With the most important person in my life."

Awwwwww. Now this warms the heart.
I'll be watching and rooting for you both. Good luck.