Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 1: Tech Inspection Complete!

The hardest part is over. The GT3 has been cleared to participate in the Unlimited Class at the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana.

Yes, I was VERY worried. The rules of this event are quite strict. And the organizers are kind of, shall we say, "chill" about the whole thing. But the guys took one look at the car, tested the cage for size, poked through the inspection hole and slapped the decal on the car.

Thanks, Thom at Porsche of Huntington and the whole crew a Musante Motorsports.

Not too much happened today, other than tech. Met a bunch of the guys. Got sorted out on procedure. We've got a few more things to do tomorrow including setting back braces, calibrating the Terra Trip -- nothing major. I've got 2 cops that are gonna give me a strip of road about 2km long to help calibrate the TerraTrip, so that should be fun!

Here's a few photos for you to peruse

View from Camino Real
Here's a shot of our view from the hotel. The hotel used to be a convent. It's spectacularly beautiful.

Found It!
With all the FUBAR travel from yesterday, I was worried that we'd have a hard time finding Tom with the GT3. Thankfully, the crowd on the otherside of the Police barricade found the car for us.

Subaru Tech
One of the Unlimited Class Subarus going through Tech Inspection. The crowd LOVES them Subies!

Don't Park There!
Don't park there! The Policia will move the car for you so you!

Terra Trip
The TerraTrip and TerraPhone all wired in, receiving data and ready to go!

GPS Failure
The GPS in the PCM is essentially useless. Like, totally useless. But hey, it knows I'm in Mexico!

Catholic High School
Always pray for redemption. Never protection.

Storm's Coming
Prepped and ready to race, the GT3 can take anything. Except that storm!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I post the link to the live GPS tracking system for the entire grid of cars!


Unknown said...

look forward to the

Unknown said...

look forward to more write ups.

be safe and take lots of pictures.

J.F. Musial said...

Awesome stuff Emil - The car is looking too clean though. Change that.

Unknown said...

Good Luck Emil!!!!

Car looks great.

FitzTrader said...

Emil and Keri you have a great time..Looking forward to seeing how great you two are doing...Be safe..