Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 4: Donkey Avoidance 101

You know how sometimes you'll be driving down the road in your street and you'll see the neighbor's dog whipping up the street and you think, "Gee, I hope he does not run out in front of me" and sure enough the little s.o.b. does and you work like hell to avoid hitting it? That happened to us today, except replace "Street" with "Mexico", "Neighbor" with "Farmer" and "Dog" with "Donkey".

Shortly before that, of course, we had a bit of an "Off Roading" experience. Which is to say that, I dropped the left 2 wheels of the GT3 off the road into a drainage ditch next to a mountain. So, it wasn't really off roading as much as it was scraping the entire underbody of the car along a concrete ridge for about 50'.

Nope, I did not stop driving. We just kept going. We slowed down a little bit, but oil pressure remained constant, no temperature issues, no warning lights and most importantly no loss of driving feel.

Those 2 episodes forced some slowing down... we still finished 3rd in the class and 18th overall.

Here's the clip of the "off roading". I cannot find the donkey video right now (I hope I got it on tape!):

Oh, and memo to Chase Cam: The "Up" marker on your camera is in the wrong position. Your built in audio SUCKS. And your OSCommerce is setup so poorly that I did not see 3 critical accessories that I would have LOVED to get...


The arrival in Tehuacan was UNREAL. We rolled in to this beautiful little town called Tehuacan right into the town square. It's like something right out of Barcelona. Just amazing. The place was FILLED with people. Like, completely, totally, and utterly packed to the gills with people. We were interviewed for the local TV news. Interviewed live on the air on 2 radio stations. Had our car's picture in the paper.

the party wend from about 4:00pm until midnight. While we were in the driver's meeting, they setup a mechanical bull outside and had some pretty amazing fireworks...

See you later!


Turning More
Turning More...

Too Hot
Too Hot!

Skid Marks
Whoops! (Who left those marks?)


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Unknown said...

that's one main reason why i don't own or drive a 911. i just can't get used to the rear engine setup. glad to see it only required "minor" steering adjustment.