Sunday, October 21, 2007

Winning Strategy

Lots of time has been spent on this blog talking about preparation. Prep time is over and now work time begins. So, with 3 hours remaining before we head south to Mexico, also known as the Land of the Rising Sun (Mexico's Official Slogan), I'd like to talk about strategy.

We've got a simple three point strategy for winning. Steve Case used to refer to the "6 C's" that made AOL successful. They were Connectivity, Communication, Content, Context, Commerce, and Crossdressing. Our strategy pays homage to Steve's simple mission:

1) Comfort: During long distance runs, comfort is key. In my first enduro race, I went in too pumped to pay attention to comfort. About 3 minutes in to my 6-hour shift behind the wheel I realized that an extra few seconds during the driver change would have made the difference between maintaining position and losing 4 places. I did not make that mistake the second time and I won't at La Carrera.

2) Cruising: Slow and steady will work well here. Fast and steady will be better. But for us, we're gonna take it easy. Drive fast. And focus on a safe cruising pace. This is not a technical event, although, I'm sure that technique will be important at times. Hopefully not on the bad side of the control threshold.

3) Concentration: Key to safely traversing the route will be concentration. Concentration of the "Piloto" and "Copiloto" will result in efficient driving, proper identification of hazards and dangers, as well as notification of routing for optimal speed through the course. Things happen fast north of the triple-digit mark and with 2 brains racing, it's important to be concentrating on your work.

Plus, we have AC and a killer sound track, so we're clearly already in the lead!

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Unknown said...

Oh come on! You couldn't include cross-dressing?